Are you tired of rainbow unicorn hair? Well I have to admit that I am. And don’t get me wrong because I love a beautiful array of pastels but I could use a breath of fresh air after seeing so many unicorns on social media. Something different right now would be awesome. Will neon peach hair be the answer to this? I think yes. I mean, it’s the lightest, brightest, coolest trend for summer.

1. You will be glowing with this new hue

My favorite variation of the shade. Seriously the pink undertones make it so dreamy!

2. The mastermind behind a lot of the neon peach buzz is Jessica Jewel. 

Don’t you think this one is simply stunning?

3. Talking about a fire haircut 

This looks like the fire emoji and it’s to die for.

4. We might be peachy keen with this color

How could you not? I would never be sad with hair like this!

5. It depends on the shade but some of them  take two, three, or even four of the Pulp Riot Neon Electric Dyes to achieve the perfect color

This one is created with Lava, Lemon and Cupid. I’m shook!


6. Don’t you just love this color? 

Personally, I don’t think I could ever rock it like these girls do but it looks so good on so many people.