Fashion and makeup trends seem to change/appear every single day. Just recently, we reported on the so-called glitter tits, but that’s not just the only trend that’s taking Instagram by storm when it comes to makeup and adorning your body with all kinds of… shall we say, interesting accouterments.

The latest makeup trend to take over Instagram is marble lips. And I must say, it looks rather cool.

Marble is an amazing material, and it’s easy to see its common use in architecture and items such as countertops. Some of the people on Instagram who have jumped on the bandwagon go old school with a simple white base and a gray pattern, while others go all out and throw some color into the mix. The process behind achieving this look is very simple, and thanks to Suuz Brouwer, you can hop on the bandwagon and have marble lips yourself, too!

Start off with a white base coat

Then, using several shades of gray, create the marble pattern

The end results look awesome!

This can be great for some themed party or even for Halloween when that eventually comes along. They’re relatively easy to do as long as you have a fine brush, and you’ll certainly attract quite a bit of attention wherever you go.

Check out the video below to see how to give yourself some marble lips and get your first class ticket to the Instagram trend train instantly!