It is very refreshing to do something new to your hair. We know how much you like wearing it a certain way, but change is always good especially for hair. Therefore, you can find millions of ideas about hairstyles, but we have chosen the easiest ones for you. The fact that this hairstyles artist says they are easy, does not mean that they look simple and ordinary. Moreover, they look extraordinarily beautiful and stylish.

Koleen Diaz is a makeup and fashion YouTube specialist, and you can easily find her channel under the name of xxoLeeny. She made her own channel after she watched other blogs and channels herself. As a child, she enjoyed making slow-motion music videos on YouTube but started doing makeup later in her life. Her most popular video on the internet is “My Morning Routine”. Born in the Philippines, she decided to show her talent on YouTube. These are some of her most interesting ideas on how to quickly and easily style your hair.

1. Hair up in a tight ponytail

2. Braided ponytail

3. Low tight ponytail

4. High bun

5. Halfway ponytail

6. The messy bun

7.  Tiny French braids

8. Four Tiny French braids

9. The French braid bun

10. Curly bun

Watch below for all ten easy but gorgeous hairstyles and get your new look started this week!


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