If there is one thing our hair should never be, it’s boring.  I mean, there are SO many kinds of braids, but lately, mermaid braids are very trendy. They look so fancy and delicate, they will definitely turn a lot of heads around to get a closer look.

Today we’re going to see a very unique mermaid style and all the secrets to achieve the look.

The famous YouTube channel called Cute Girls Hairstyles has reached now over 5,000,000 subscribers by sharing quality content and creative hairstyle ideas. Brooklyn is going for a mermaid look this time, a fishtail braid that is perfect for prom, a night out, festivals, you name it. Let’s get the party started.


You should first straighten your hair so there aren’t any complications or bumps. Then, take a small section on the front and make a simple braid for about two inches.


When you have two inches of braid, add pieces of each side and then continue doing the same thing for two more times.


After you make your way to the end, take all the remaining hair and this time start making a fishtail braid until you’re done.


When you finish, secure the braid with a hair elastic and to make it more fancy, add some hair decorations.

Do you guys like this hairstyle? Isn’t this one so unique?

Share your thought on the comments below. Enjoy!

source: metdaan.com