We are in spring already and if you’re a little behind and haven’t caught up with all the latest makeup tutorials lately, this is your chance. Imagine that you have a last minute event and you’re out of ideas, you have to always be prepared. To match up with the season, peachy and warm colors are the best choices you can make.

Famous YouTube guru Amy-Rose Walker is known for her themed makeup videos and skills. The 19-year-old from England has amassed more than 270,000 subscribers to her channel. Today we’re sharing a spring inspired tutorial – but the best part is that she is using drugstore products. Everyone knows how much we love them because first, they’re cheap and second, you can get everything from one place. Without further a do, let’s see how she creates the look.


Her face is pretty much done since she’s focusing more on the eye makeup. Amy deals this time only with highlighter where she mixes different products and creates a glowy look.


For the eyes, she starts off with a base color then applies a peachy shade which progresses to light burgundy. To add more drama, she creates a sharp eyeliner and finishes with fake eyelashes.


Last but not least, the YouTuber pulls everything together with this creamy lip liner.

If you guys want to see more, click down on the video below.

Source: metdaan.com