Genetics determine the type of hair you’ll be born with. If one of your family members was born with naturally curly hair, then that probably explains why you have curly hair too.

Of course, curly hair is not exactly the easiest to maintain. It takes a lot more patience and a lot more time to style, take care of and keep curly hair looking good.

A lot of women that don’t have the patience to take care of their curly hair just take a flat iron, go through their hair and curls be gone.

But, for those of you who are more appreciative of your naturally curly hair and perhaps want to take care of it a bit more, we have the video just for you

Mimi of Luxy Hair has put together a video showing you how to take care of naturally curly hair, without too much hassle.

If you’re born with curly hair and you want people to know you by your curly hair, this video is for you.