Donut, eh? You probably know what donuts are, and if you do, you probably like them.

Donuts are that wonderful sweet, doughy food that gets quite a few people excited. How many times have you went by that Krispy Kreme while on the way home from work, and found it hard to resist and grab a box full of the stuff?

We know your mouth is probably watering at this point. To stop the immense craving we know you all have, we’ll switch over to a different kind of donut.

In particular, a donut for your hair.

You may or may not have heard of this invention. Essentially, it’s a much thicker, much more donut-shaped hair tie.

Of course, Luxy Hair being Luxy Hair, have decided to use this donut for more than just keeping the hair together.

The girl featured in the video decided to curl her hair using nothing more than this. The results are pretty interesting. Besides, it looks super easy to do, especially for those of us that are kind of… not that crafty with our own hair.

Check out the video below, you’ll love this tutorial. And if you’ve tried it already, tell us how it turned out in the comments!


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