The prom is a teenager’s most important event of their life. It’s a celebration that marks the end (or beginning?) of a chapter, in a book that features a lot of memories, bad and good grades, and a lot of friendships and enemyships made. Yes, enemyships is a word now, I made it up.

For the girls, getting ready is an event on its own. Every little detail needs to get done, from the hair, to makeup, the dress, the accessories…

When it comes to the hair, there are two types of girls. The first type always have some kind of intricate, completely insane hairstyle that can take hours to do and is amazingly complicated, and the second type have far simpler and easier to do hairstyles that still look good.

For the latter category, here’s an easy half-up prom hairstyle.

Missy Sue has taken it into her own hands to help out those girls that are short on ideas for a prom hairstyle, with this simple but very cute half up style, complete with crown braids.

The first step are the crown braids.

Grabbing strands of hair on either side, and then securing them with bobby pins after the braids have been completed.

After this has been done, she ties a bun on the back of her head

And finally, she “attaches” the braids to the bun to form the crown shape

The end result is a gorgeous, simple, easy to do hairstyle that will make sure you look good at your prom without being late. And it takes so little time, look: