Decorating your house is a fun activity. Especially when you create your own and unique decorations. It is up to you and your imagination. Remember that creativity has no limits! Today I have a brilliant idea for making something that will fit in every home. And the process of making is very easy! If you like pillows, then you will love this for sure.  You don’t need fancy equipment  for this one. Even if you are not into sewing, you will make it, as this one does not require any special skills. You must try this DIY knot pillow that is effortless and costs almost nothing!

These ones look stunning! The fact that they are so easy to make is a positive side too. You will need some basic stuff, like: fabric of your choice, pillow stuffing, a cardboard tube , a sewing machine. The photos below show the whole process. It is so fast and easy. You will make your own knot pillows in no-time!

And voila- it’s done! This pink knot pillow will fit perfectly into a girl’s bedroom. And the most fun thing is that you can make different types of knots. Go for the one that you find most interesting.

You can practically use them everywhere! Despite in bedroom, you can put your knot pillows in any place possible. Make as many as you want and decorate your home. Make an ordinary chair more comfortable with one of these. Or, put a few in the living room. Your sofa will look quite different. Make different colors of knot pillows and bring some freshness and color into your home.