The nail art front is always full of surprising new trends and buzz-inducing patterns! As a page which always tries to keep its finger on the cultural pulse, we always strive to bring you the latest of the who’s who and what’s what in the fashion world. Now, high-heel nail art trend has come to our attention.

Originating in Korea, high heel nail art was invented by the Unistella Nail Studio run by Eun Kyung Park. This is the same studio that bestowed us with the wire nail art. This new trend is now doing the rounds on Instagram and we wanted to know all about it!

Basically, the concept is that the thick stripe is spreading upwards down the center, mimicking a high heel. In addition, it is surrounded with negative space on both sides. Furthermore, you can create a block of negative space down the middle complemented with colored sides.

However you wanna go about it, take a look at these photos below and get your own high heel nails now!

1. And what a beautiful high heel would that be if they looked like we are dancing in a pool of glitter!

2. This is a rather poised high heel. The matte polish is toning the nail down a notch, whereas the wire technique on the cuticles is giving it that extra oomph!

3. I absolutely love how colorful this mani is. I would wear this with a translucent rain cape and thigh-high boots!

4. This has quite an architectural feel to it. I love it. Quite contemporary!

5. This particular example hits the nail on the head! It’s a homage to the ultimate stiletto – The Louboutines!

6. This is fascinatingly minimal and paradoxically seems like a delicate task!