Coffin nails are certainly in vogue at the moment and see-through stuff is cool. If you have a mechanical device that’s see-through, it’s always fun to see how it works and what makes it work.

That’s all pretty geeky stuff, true, but still, who said geeky isn’t cool?

Anyway, I’m sure you’ve encountered see-through nails at least once before. One part of the nail is colored in, but the tip is transparent. It’s a really cool idea. I have a feeling that the number of your friends who have tried it before is not very big, meaning you’ll most likely stand out.

If you want to give see-through nails a try, Nail Career Education has got your back.

Unlike most videos of this calibre that we’ve shown you, this one is very comprehensive.

It’s over 18 minutes long, and the host Suzie has paid attention to every single detail, to make sure that your nails are as perfect as perfect can be.

If you have the patience and want to see how it’s done, literally step-by-step. Then you should definitely watch this video.