Dove’s iconic beauty bar is turning 60 years old this year. In honor of that amazing milestone, the brand has opened up the vault on a vintage beauty ad. Looking at the old-school campaign is like taking a journey in a time machine. The print ad shows a woman lounging in a bath talking on a phone (something we don’t recommend now that cell phones are the norm). “Darling, I’m having the most extraordinary experience,” she says. There’s even a bit of innuendo in the text: “Well darling. I’m all over cream. Just imagine, cream tip to toe! Arms. Legs. All of me!” The ad is referring to the one-quarter cleansing cream in the formula (which you were totally thinking, right?). And while the Dove white bar hasn’t changed in 60 years, the company’s approach to advertising has definitely morphed over time.

Today, the brand is known for their forward-thinking campaigns with diverse faces and body types. There was the #SpeakBeautiful Twitter initiative to encourage positivity on social media instead of critiquing comments. And in 2016, the brand embraced natural curls with an emotional ad featuring women of all hair types. And, of course, the Dove curly emoji released in 2015 were a huge hit. The brand has made it a point to feature women of all shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and hair types in their ads—and that’s something worth celebrating. Check in your local drugstore for the limited-edition Dove bar printed with the word “care,” and take it as a daily reminder to show yourself some extra love.

Here’s the vintage beauty ad featuring a woman lathering up in the tub.