Wanna have a great time? Go girl and make a superb manicure. The main trend today is purple. Try not to copy someone else’s ideas about painting your nails. Be original and those who are important for you will check it out. Genius thoughts are simple, so these easy manicure ideas are just for you to choose.

  • Matte Polish Purple Nails

Gorgeous multicoloured nails design with stones will be just what the fans of delicate things are looking for. Awesome colors combined with a stylish way of inserting stones will make definitely your day to its full extent. Don’t be afraid to create such a nails design because you work with your hands. It’s time to open up your mind.

  • White and Beige Striped with Gold

Stunning way of doing your nails is right here. Pick up the best idea for your special event. Pay attention to the sweet colors and shades. The Golden lines will highlight the look of your nails perfectly.

  • Purple Nails

These attractive purple nails are on top now. If you like the freshest stuff, these nails design is exactly for you. Look at the flat ends of the nails and bear in mind: they are very comfortable for everyday routine.

  • Pink and Black Nails

Such a nails design is for emotional people willing to shine everyday.  Dots, lines, and drawings underline how gentle the manicure is. Shock everybody with the sweetness of your soul and choose this pink and black nails design.

  • Crazy Green Nails

Only intelligent people are welcome to choose this nails design, not every one. If you consider yourself a risky person, try this manicure. Green is the color of spring and peace, so its up-to-date nowadays.

  • Matte Purple Nails

Serious matte purple nails design decorated with white dots is for the people who like harmony. Beautiful nails are for those who appreciate beauty. Select this nail design for every day.


  • Black, White & Pink Nails

These nails are obligatory to be on your nails not only during special occasions. Be prepared everyday for romance to come into your life and make your nails like that. However, if you hate black & white dots, you’d better don’t style your nails this way and choose another design.

  • Classy Wedding Nails Design with Ornaments

What a wonderful idea for your wedding day! Isn’t it gorgeous to observe how astonishing this nails design is? Hold on for a while and take pleasure out of looking at these nails. They symbolize the purity of the bride with its natural colors.

Hope that these ideas of nails design, at least, inspired you to make your life better and decor it with beauty. All the ideas are gentle and cutting edge, so please take it into consideration.

Source: topdreamer.com