Princesses wear crowns! With all the makeup trends going on, the viral crown eye makeup is the craziest yet on Instagram. It is actually very fabulous, glam and fit for a queen. Now to create this one you only need some basic skills and a lot of concentration.
Don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and get the eye crown makeup. The famous YouTuber NikkieTutorials decided to put her spin on this awesome look and bust out the glitters and rhinestones. This is clearly not an everyday makeup look so enjoy it for a special night out. Nikkie has now more than 6 million subscribers on her channel so you can trust her. Let’s see the process.


Her face is already set up because she focuses more on her eyes. She has foundation and concealer on and then later the 23-year-old adds bronzer, blush and highlighter to give more life to the face. When everything is done, she sprays her face to stay longer.


Now that we’ve come to the most important part, first, she is going to create a base on her eyelids. Then, taking the red and burgundy eyeshadows, Nikkie creates a smokey eye look. To start creating the crown, she takes concealer and with a brush draws it into her eyelids. Then it’s time to add some glitter and stones. To finish everything, she puts on fake eyelashes.


For the lips, Nikkie decides on a peachy, glossy lipstick. The princess crown look is complete.

What do you guys thing about this crown eye makeup? Worth trying?

For more detailed steps on this look, check out the gorgeous Nikki in the video below.