I am truly in awe of the broad spectrum of hairstyles tutorial YouTube channel Princess Hairstyles posts on a daily basis.

On their site and channel you will find step by step hairstyle instructions, pictures, and video tutorials.

I chose to share with you this particular hairstyle since it’s nothing more than a simple French braid made intricate due to the hair ornaments that are used to complement it.

What you will need is multi-colored ribbons, ¼ inch wide and about 1 ft long.

Start by pulling back half a ponytail at an eye level. Now, for the ornaments, we are going to sew the ribbons in with a plastic needle.

Thread the end of the ribbon through the eye and weave it through the hair. Start near the elastic band of the ponytail.

You are going to start weaving from under a little piece, and then over and then under once more. I know it sounds a bit complicated by make sure to check the video for a graphic representation! It will become clear to you in a minute!

Make sure to not have your ribbon twist inside the weaving.

When it comes to weaving in the next ribbon, you are going to do it in an opposite pattern, a little bit above of the first one!

You are going to repeat the same pattern with all the different colored ribbons. Once you have all your ribbons woven in there, you are going to go back in case you want them tightened, loosened, spread apart or anything that you feel you want to fix.

Take the ends of the ribbons and braid them loosely so they won’t lose their shape. Then fasten them together with the ponytail. They will subsequently be covered within the braid.

Gather the hair from each side right above her ear, smoothen it back and tie them up right above the elastic, to cover the place where the ribbons meet.

Start French braiding, covering up the ribbons along the way. This is how your braid is supposed to look along the way.

And this is how your beautiful, ribbon-rainbow ornamented braid will look at the very end!

Source: metdaan.com