Check out this fancy nails tutorial by The Nails Queen with a special guest star appearance by Omaya Zein.

The nails are not the only thing fancy, though.

Just look at this, and tell us that you’re not immediately inspired to redecorate your space! With the lights, and the pastel colors, that fluffiness in the back… so gorgeous.

Especially for this video, the soft-spoken vlogger has mixed her own shades of nail polish that look absolutely captivating. You will also find out what tools she relies on to get the job done.

The colors used are a darker and brighter shade of plum, between which Omaya alternates on every finger. This harmonious combination has attracted strong praise by her followers who have urged her to reveal her nail polish mixing tricks in one of her following videos.

On her index and ring fingers, Omaya stamps a white stained glass-like pattern.

Once the base is founded, Omaya encapsulates the nails. The final touches are done by filing, shaping, cleansing and applying top coat.

The icing on the cake are some decorative stones that complete the mosaic perfectly.