Let’s roll back the years and go to highschool with Christen Dominique! The Youtube star is not afraid to stroll down memory lane and show the world how she used to look like some years ago in a unique throwback video.

In the video she demonstrates what her makeup routine used to be from 10th – 12th grade when, believe it or not, she used to have completely dark hair!

Although lots of people feel defensive about their old pics, Christen is not at all afraid of sharing them with her fans, which might explain their special bond. She also reveals the products that she used in the early to mid noughties and what she thinks of them today.

But most important of all, you will find out a lot of interesting personal details about teen Christen Dominique: who she was hanging out with, whether she was shy or outgoing, whose contact lenses she would frequently borrow and much more!

How did you do your makeup in highschool?

Source: metdaan.com