Tracy is a nail artist who creates videos with tips and tricks on acrylic nails design. Today, we bring you her tutorial on pink acrylics with floral ornaments and a lot of bling.

The video is eight-and-a-half minutes long and Tracy demonstrates the entire process from natural nails to fully-decorated acrylics in detail.

Floral may not be groundbreaking for spring, as Miranda Priestley insinuated in “The Devil Wears Prada”. But for winter? Bring it on!

She goes for an almond (narrow oval) shape, but you can also go for something different. In the video you will find out what dehydrator and primer Tracy is using as well as her little tricks for achieving higher aesthetic standards.

You will also find out how you can achieve the exact desired shade you want for your nails, as well as what tools and techniques Tracy uses for dotting and decorating her acrylics.

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