Shay Mitchell is a Canadian actress and model. She is renowned mostly for her role as Emily Fields in Pretty Little Liars. She also runs a lifestyle Youtube channel and co-authored the young adult novel Bliss in 2015.

Today we bring you Kayley Melissa’s Shay Mitchell-inspired bun hair tutorial.

1. Braid a tiny section of your hair starting at the nape of your neck

2. Pull the remaining hair up in a high ponytail above the braid

3. Split the ponytail in half and make a fishtail braid

4. Wrap the hair into a bun

5. Now you have Shay Mitchell’s look from last year’s Tean Choice Awards ceremony

6. You can add some hair-rings

7. Cut them with a wire-cutter

8. Place them around the braid

This stunning look is obviously not an everyday updo, but if you have one special occasion this year we would highly recommend it.

Watch the video below for all the steps and get practicing this special look.