Have you recently broken some terracotta pots? If yes, don’t be desperate cause there are plenty of ways in which you can turn them to different and interesting uses, so some great DIY projects are ahead of you. These ideas are going to beautify your garden and you will have some unique and original decorations for free. Forget about going to the store to get new decorations that will refresh your garden’s look this season, and instead be super excited about making them on your own by repurposing clay pots. Scroll down through the photos below and see How To Reuse Broken Terracotta Pots In Clever Ways. There are different ideas that will suit different tastes, so I hope that you will find the right design for you!

If you have an abundance of broken terracotta pots then you should definitely go for something big and bold. The idea below is just perfect for you, isn’t it?

Here’s a fun way to hide the ugly looks of the broken terracotta pots while still using it to plant flowers. Dress them with some jeans and grab the attention of everyone who comes to visit you!

Is there someone who doesn’t like wind chimes? Use your broken clay pots to make one on your own this spring!

Don’t throw the broken terracotta pots away but rather give them a brand new use. Put them in cement and you will get such a wonderful decoration that is not a common sight and everyone is going to notice it!

If you want to have fun in your garden, you should definitely make this “REST IN PIECES” sign and make everybody laugh. This DIY project is going to put smiles on many faces!

The water features are a hot trend, so if you were thinking about making one on your own, then you should consider using broken terracotta pots as one of the materials from which you are going to build the fountain.

Are you a lover of candles? It seems that the broken clay pot can be easily turned into a candle holder!

What do you say about using the broken pieces of the clay bots in a big way in your garden and use them to make the floor? It’s such an interesting design that you should give a try!

Use the broken pieces to mark the plants in your garden in a super creative and smart way!

The small terracotta pot gardens are popular among many home owners, so use the broken pieces to make some stunning designs that will add charm to your garden.

So, what do you think about reusing the terracotta pots after browsing all of the photos here? Which one do you like the best? Get down to work and recreate it soon!

Source: topdreamer.com