Ask any woman to name the most beautiful component of their body; it would inevitably be their hair! Be it the short and sassy hairstyles or the long cascading hair, the transformation that it lends to a woman’s beauty is spectacular. Unfortunately, due to number of causes, hair loss is increasing at an alarming rate among women which is resulting in thinning and even bald patches. This proves particularly devastating for all females. If you are in the same boat by any chance then you are at the right place. We would be talking about Rogaine for hair loss whose results are nothing short of a miracle for those damsels in distress. Read on.

Understanding Hair Loss And Its Causes

As a normal routine, we all shed hair which is replaced by new hair. The cycle keeps reoccurring in a manner that the hair density remains constant for all. Number of hair loss during a day can vary from 50 to 100 strands per day. However, when it exceeds this limit, we witness a loss of density of hair and this constitutes a hair loss situation which requires medical as well as all round care. Based on the causes of hair loss, appropriate hair loss treatment must be undergone. Simultaneously various natural hair regrowth treatment and tips must be practiced. One such fantastic treatment option is Rogaine for hair.

What Is Rogaine Made Of?

Rogaine is one of the most popular natural hair growth products. Coming in different formulations for men and women, its main acting component is Minoxidil which is the first FDA-approved compound for treating severe hair loss condition known as alopecia. Today, there are many brands put in the market with Minoxidil compound, but Rogaine was its first formulation available which is still the most effective hair loss treatment option.

Now that you know what does Rogaine have in it, let us understand the difference between the male and female formulations. Both have inactive ingredients as purified water, propylene glycol and alcohol. However, Rogaine for women has 2% Minoxidil while the male version has 5% Minoxidil. It is because 2% had been proven as being more effective in females than the 5% version. Both need to be applied topically since consumption of the Minoxidil have been known to have serious side effects. It is only consumed in small quantities under medical supervision with doctor’s prescription only.

What Does Rogaine For Women Do?

The most popular formulation for female use is Rogaine hair foam though it is also available in liquid form for topical application. Listed below are seven top benefits of using Rogaine for hair loss especially in females.

Rogaine Comes With A Science Backed Formula

Rogaine as a hair regrowth formulation has been approved by the FDA of leading countries like US, UK and Canada. We all know how uncompromising and strict this body is. Their approval assures you that the formula has passed various rigorous tests and has been found to be both safe and effective even in extreme conditions. Being scientifically proven gives your confidence in this product a much-needed boost.

Reinvigorate Shrunken Hair Follicles

Due to heredity and several other factors, the hair follicles shrivel which leads to hair loss as well as no new hair growth. However, Rogaine has proven to reinvigorate and stimulate them which results in hair growth.

Helps Cure Even Androgenetic Alopecia (AGA)

While Rogaine has not been known to cure hair loss due to various other reasons, it is particularly effective for hereditary hair loss and especially due to Androgenetic alopecia (AGA). This is induced by excessive production of the male sex hormones, androgens in the females. These androgens attack the hair follicles and kill them. Rogaine reverses the process and prevents further hair loss.

Boosts Volume

Even if you are not experiencing extreme hair loss but have a thin density of hair by heredity, try using Rogaine. You will be amazed at the volume boost it lends to your hair in just three to six months’ time.

Strengthens Thinning Hair

Rogaine has been shown to be highly effective for those who have just started facing the issue of thinning hair. It is especially terrific at arresting thinning hair condition and preventing hair loss.

Boosts Hair Growth

Minoxidil has been known to boost new growth cycle. This is the exact reason why you actually experience hair shedding initially when using Rogaine. An extremely powerful growth stimulant, it can boost hair growth to appreciable level.

Works On Even Colored Treated Hair

No matter what the color or style of your hair is, Rogaine works with the same intensity! Since it is applied only on scalp, it’s safe for even colored and treated hair.

Now that you know all about the amazing benefits of Rogaine for hair loss, when are you ordering one for yourself?