YouTube nail art tutorial channel cutepolish is revisited quite often by the team here at MetDaan.

We find this channel to host one of the simplest tutorials on the web when it comes to nail art and many useful tricks connected with the craft.

This channel is run by 28-year-old Sandi, who lives and works in Canada. She is not the only presenter that this channel has.

Sandi started the blog back in 2010 and managed to gather 2.9 millions of followers who devotedly come back to her videos every day.

Hannah, Juli, Minnie, and Miri all help her in her daily vlogging.

In fact, today’s video is going to be presented by Hannah.

To paint your nails at home as they would in the salon has always been a predicament, to say the least.

I was lucky to discover the liquid latex in one of Sandi’s videos, so I don’t make that much of a mess of myself anymore, but still, there are a couple of more things I need to learn to master the at-home nail polish technique.

That’s why I referred to this video.

Step 1

Remove any old nail polish from your nails.

Step 2

Use a high grade nail buffer to give your nails a buff for a smooth surface. This will prevent the nail polish from forming itself in bumps as you go along with the brush. It will just generally make the surface smoother to work with.

Wipe the nails with a cotton ball to remove any dust.

Step 3

Apply a good base coat to help manicure and protect your nails from stains.

Step 4

Now we come to my favorite part! Apply liquid latex as close to your nails as possible. It’s a great way to prevent any smudges.

Step 5

Think twice about the texture of the nail polish you are applying. If you find that your nail polish is old and thick, there is 99% chance that it won’t apply properly. Add a couple of drops of nail polish thinner into the bottle and that will help to restore it.

Step 6

Apply the nail polish by first applying a stroke down the middle and then one side, then the other and then blending it in.

Don’t forget to apply a second coat as soon as the first one has dried.

Step 7

Remove the liquid latex. To perfect the polish line by the cuticle, take a small thin brush and run it over the cuticles with some nail remover on it.

Step 8

Apply a fast drying top coat to all of your nails.

Step 9

Spray a nail drier to decrease the chances of denting or smudging the manicure.

Step 10

Apply cuticle oil once your nail polish is totally dry to moisturize your cuticles.

Watch the video for full instructions with Hannah and make sure to tell me how your at-home polishing went!