Summer is coming and that means that the wedding/prom season is around the corner. For a special night of course you have to look gorgeous so no one can get your eyes off you. Glamorous hairstyles certainly help.

YouTuber Lilith Moon is known as a hair guru on YouTube. She is from Ukraine, did her studies in Poland and Italy and currently lives in Paris. Today, we learn 3 hairstyles from her, that you can do for your wedding, prom or a simple party. Because, why not look glam 24/7?


To add more volume to her hair, she puts in extensions and then curls everything. In the back, she makes a small ponytail and flips it in between. Then, she makes a braid out of the ponytail and places a beautiful flower. With the rest of the hair she repeats everything by making small ponytails and then flipping them.


This one is all about volume. So basically, she is adding extensions and creating a ponytail in the back. Then, she twists the ponytail and does the same thing until she makes her way to the top. In the front, she decorates by twisting some of her hair and securing it with bobby pins.


Now, with the previous hairstyle already there, to heat things up a little bit, take your voluminous ponytail and wrap it around your hair by creating a bun. You’re done!

People loved these, look at this comment:

“? OMG ?????? these hairstyles are just A❤️ W? E?”

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