Professional makeup artist and YouTube darling Christen Dominique is one of the most refreshing artists out there.

The thirty year old gave birth to a son recently, but that doesn’t stop her to come back with new videos time and time again. And we, the 1.8 million devotees to her are hungry for it!

Turns out, Christine was waiting for spring to hit to go back to those eccentric, neon-like colors. She did an Easy Glam Spring Makeup tutorial which I am here to share with you in a few easy steps.


Your face should be well-cleaned before you start priming it. Make sure to get the primer in every pore, to create a smooth base for the foundation.
Once you are done, apply your everyday foundation.
About the eyes, we are going to prime them with a nude shade. Christine is using the Too Faced Peanut Butter Honey palette. Then, we are going in the crease with the Peanut Butter shade. Work the eye shadow well with circular motions so to avoid a clean cut line.

Darken the initial color, just a bit closer to the lash line and in the inner corner of the eye.
Then, apply the darkest shade in the palette, here called Going Nuts. This is a brownish shade which helps define the eye!

Apply one coat of mascara and then fake eye lashes on top. This look requires the fake lashes since it’s not your regular everyday look. It has more of an oomph to it! Contour your cheeks using your go to bronzer. Work it well with a brush in order to create gradiance.

Contouring is usually done after the eye shadow, since we want to avoid residue.

Going to the most important part of the look: the lips.

The lip should look juicy and exotic. And Christen has chosen just the right shade for it. The lipstick used in this video is the MAC Morange Lipstick.

And that sums up our everyday spring glam!