You probably remember loom bands. They are those little bracelets that are made out of colorful rubber bands. They were relatively simple to make, and they looked so fun. One was never enough.

Of course, the craze and time for loom bands has now passed, as trends do. They’re sort of a gimmicky throwback now. It’s not like a few years ago when you saw someone with a loom band and everyone is around them asking a million different questions. Now, it’s a sort of “Oh, that’s cute” type thing.

However, for those of you who weren’t old enough or interested enough to jump on that particular bandwagon, but are now, fear not. SaraBeautyCorner has got your back.

In her video, not only does she show how to make a loom band, she shows you how to make five different styles of loom band, including one with an infinity loop, for that extra personal touch.

In case you have always wanted to try out loom bands, or perhaps you want to remind yourself of the times when they were all the rage, you should definitely check out this video.