Every day most of what we do is primarily addressed with our hands. Whether we are typing on the computer or putting on lipstick-our hands are on the job, always. Your hands are also subject to every element of the outside world and if we do not take care, we will soon see our hands suffering. It will start pretty benignly-your hands start to feel a little rough, skin peeling around nails becomes a little evident and then bang! You have hands that will feel like scales!


Yes, that’s how dry skin around fingernails start forming. If left untreated, they will start snagging to things and one fine day you will actually hurt yourself pretty bad. Dry skin around nails is actually very painful. Sometimes, they may lead to bigger problems. Like the dry skin around the nails may fall off and leave a gaping hole. This makes it easier for bacteria to enter your body. In order to know how to get rid of dry skin around nails, there are some very common treatment procedures. Just follow these and you will see the difference in just a few days!

We all love beautiful hands, and so we will give you some really nice tips to get rid of dry skin around nails.

We have a few home remedies for dry skin around nails. Read on…

Moisturize, Moisturize And Moisturize More

The first step in getting rid of these somewhat painful skin bits is to moisturize your skin well. We can’t emphasize more on how much moisturizing and a simple cream can work for the dry skin. Use different lotions and moisturizing oils to hydrate the especially dry areas around your nails. When you are moisturizing your nails, take a generous amount of moisturizer and make sure you take special care of your cuticles. Also make sure that you cover the entire area that is surrounding your nail. Also, note that sweet-smelling moisturizer probably will not be that effective. Instead look out for those creams and lotions which are alcohol-free and do not have much fragrance.

If you are sleeping at night with some extra dry nails and cuticles, apply a generous amount of cream and go to bed with gloves. This will work to repair your skin overnight and by morning you will have beautiful and soft hands.

Manicure More

Your nails and cuticles need extra care if you do rough work. Sometimes even every day work can be enough stressful for your nails and you may start getting dry skin around nails. One of the best ways to combat this is to go for regular manicures. Manicurists will make sure that your nails and cuticles are moisturized well and beauty treatments at the salon will prevent your skin from drying up. Going for a manicure at least once a month can work exceptionally well for your skin. Look out for nail polish removers that contain Vitamin E and moisturizers because they will protect your nail and keep the area around it hydrated.

Eat and Drink Right

Though external conditions cause dry skin, what you eat and drink will also affect the condition of your skin. If you are prone to dry skin, you should try and have more of Vitamin E and Vitamin B in your food. Dryness is particularly because of lack of Vitamin B and eating more vegetables and fruits will ensure that you are getting all the Vitamins. Keep yourself hydrated and drink about eight glasses of water every day to keep dryness at bay!

Below are some of the other home remedies that you can try out to get rid of dry skin around nails.

Make sure you keep your dry skin away from various drying agents. Follow the below tips to keep the dry skin around your fingertips at bay.

  •  Wear rubber gloves while washing dishes. Also, don’t keep your fingers immersed for too long in a solution of hot water and soap as it will result in hard skin around nails.
  •  Avoid using acetone based nail polish remover as it can remove the essential oils from your nails and skin.
  •  During winters you can take care of the dry skin under nails by always wearing gloves.
  •  Do not pick the loose skin around your fingers with your hands or mouth. It will not only cause you discomfort but will also cause various infections.
  •  To avoid cracked skin around nails, you should always file you nails, especially the corners. This will prevent the splitting of skin around your nails.

Now that you know how to get rid of dry skin around nails, let’s take a look at the causes of skin peeling around nails.

  1. Allergic reactions are one of the major causes of dry skin around fingernails. Your skin can allergic to various elements like soapy water, latex, nickel, detergents, etc.
  2. A lot of people tend to have certain habits like biting fingernails, picking cuticles, etc., which are bad for the skin around the nails. Ripping off damages skin is also another reason.
  3. Peeling of skin around nails can also occur due to lack of sufficient nutrients and calcium. Lack of these essential minerals leads to dry and flaky skin.
  4. Skin diseases like psoriasis, dyshidrosis, eczema, etc., can all result in skin peeling around the nails.
  5. A chronic infection caused due to moisture of yeast is also believed to be a major reason for dry and cracked skin around the nails.

Dry skin around nails is a very common problem and with the right tips and resources you can get rid of them in a jiffy!

Source: www.fashionlady.in