It’s never too early to start getting some ideas down for Valentine’s Day. Even more so now, as February 14th is less than a month away!

If you have ever left planning your look for Valentine’s Day to the last minute, you probably made a vow to yourself never to do it again. If you start planning now, you will have plenty of time and you won’t have to leave anything to chance.

And to assist you, we highly recommend Sara K.

Her tutorial is very simple and her transformation is absolutely stunning. You will find all the products she is using in her video description; according to Sara, everything she uses is completely organic and natural, as well as not tested on animals.

Although Valentine’s Day has been an important day for lovers since the XVIII century, you never know in what year February 14th might change the course of you and your partner’s life. Enjoy it, cherish it and remember it afterwards.



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