If you view the ponytail simply as the style you go for when you have no other ideas, you might be missing on a whole wide world of wonderful possibilities. Contrary to popular belief, there is a lot to be creative about when it comes to ponytails, it’s only a matter of knowing how.

To start you off on that road of discovery, we are today enlisting the assistance of hairstyle professional Kayley Melissa who has come up with a seven-day ponytail plan, perfect to get you through a working week. Not only that, but they all look super-cool and are incredibly easy to do. So let’s check them out!

Monday: Sectioned Pony

Start by making a circle around the top of your head and sectioning this hair into a ponytail. Wrap your hair around the elastic to hide the band. Then, gather the rest of your hair into another tail and repeat.

This simple approach otherwise known as ‘pony within a pony’ (or pony-ception) will make Monday preparations more bearable.

Tuesday: Braided Pony

Brush your hair into a high ponytail and secure it with one or two elastics, but make sure to loosen up your hair first. Braid the pony all the way to the end, before loosening up the braid to give it a little more of a casual, effortless look.

Wednesday: Layered Pony

Start by taking a large chunk of hair from both sides at the front of your head. Tie the two handfuls back as if you’re doing a half-up style, then flip the small pony backwards once or twice to create a twisted look. Repeat the process twice more with two lower section of your hair for a perfectly layered look.

Thursday: Twisted Pony

Take a large chunk of hair on the left side of your face, and pull what’s left into a ponytail. Twist the hair that was left out backwards, loosening it every now and again to give it volume. Wrap it around the hair band and clip it underneath to keep the twist in place. This look will not look out of place at more formal evening events.

Friday: Mohawk Pony

For the end of the working week, you’ll want a funkier, more rock ‘n’ roll look! Braid the top layer of your hair almost all the way back and then pull up everything, including the braid, into a high ponytail. Effortlessly chic and perfect for starting the weekend!

Saturday: Extra-Volume Pony

If you want a look that will go equally well with daytime shopping as it would with nighttime partying, this double pony is just the thing you need. Pull your top layer into a ponytail, pulling at your crown to give it plenty of volume. Flip it over your head so you can make your second tail with the rest of your hair before combining it with the first one.

Quick trick: use a little claw clip to give both ponytails a boost from the inside!

Sunday: Knotted Pony

Start by bringing two pieces of hair from the front of your hair around to the back, looping them around the bulk of your hair in a knot. Keep it secured with a pin or clip under your hair. Repeat this until your full head of hair has been knotted.

Check out the detailed tutorial day-by-day tutorial as given by Kayley Melissa in the video.

Source: metdaan.com