Every face is a beautiful face, with freckles or spots, a little double chin or more, we shall repeat “EVERY FACE IS A BEAUTIFUL FACE” loud and clear. Having said that, don’t feel shy, embarrassed and depressed at your chubby-self or for being the gorgeous real-woman with curves and a little more cheeks to flaunt. There are ways to apply plus size makeup to make the face look haute and hot, with makeup of course. Here are a few hacks to learn how to doll up and look like a star, even when someone fat-shamed you for who you are- let’s show them girls!

Highlights For The Eyes

Mascara and very dark eyeshadow for the eyes are a must to distract the visuals from the double chin you have. With your hair, do not think of making braids or forced curls, or else the face would be full-blown to the view and that’s what you really don’t want happening. Instead, straight hair makes the face look edgy, and with plenty of mascara and highlights for the eyes, the smokey look makes you look stunning!

Black Eyeliner

Black eyeliners for the eyes are a chubby faces’ best friend or should we say BFF. With a touch of mascara, metallic tones to the eyelids and the crease especially, you would be drawing more attention to the eye region than the double chin or the neck and the fluffed cheeks. When doing your eyes, draw the lines towards the outer corner of the lids- winged eyes would be apt to wear. This brings more length to the eye region and a slimmer look overall to the face!

Eyebrows Should Be Dark Or Darkened

The eyebrows should be dark or darkened, which ensures more attention brought to that part of the eyes. With an eyebrow pencil in deep dark hues or a dark palette of metal eyeshadow, create a dramatic look. Before you get the eyebrows darkened, use tweezers to shape them well- an arch preferably or get a professional t thread away the extra hairs.

Learn How To Use The Blusher

Blushers should be used for perfection, especially with a chubby face! It brings about a defined and a well-toned look, when done right. Peaches and pinks in blusher tones are the best to use, and when applying strokes on the cheekbones, the blusher should go from the cheekbones to the temple in brisk touches.

Lippy Lip Tricks

Chubby faces in most cases have very voluminous lips, and they need to be toned down too. With the help of the right lip liner, only the lower lip line should be lined, which stops the full lips to look over-the-top and bulky.

A Mini-Guide On The Right Way To Apply Makeup

Now that we have told you how to do each contour of your face to draw positive attention, here is a mini, step-by-step guide that would bring you the flawless awesome look you have always desired. Read on pretties, a few makeup tips for plus-size women.

For this you’d need to have the following;

  1. Foundation
  2. Makeup brushes
  3. A highlighter
  4. An eyeliner
  5. A lip liner
  6. A lipstick and
  7. Lovely smokey eyeshadow

How To Do It?

  • Even out your face, but first cleanse it, moisturize it and tone it.
  • Dab a little foundation from a reputed company
  • Use a foundation sponge for an easy blend and a smooth canvas to form
  • Darken and fill your brows with the help of a brow pencil
  • Use a highlighter to enhance the brow bone look
  • Highlight the chin and then the sides of the nose
  • Stop with the highlighter as it reaches the forehead
  • Blend with a sponge to get all the highlights evenly into the skin
  • Start by applying a semi-dark shade of eye shadow from the socket to the outer corner of the eyes
  • Use a shadow brush to blend it well
  • Now use a darker shade of metallic eyeshadow from the socket to the inner corner of the eyes
  • Once again, use a shadow brush to blend it from the inner corner to the socket of the eyes, all the way to the crease and back.
  • Apply one stroke of deep black long lasting kohl to the outer rim of the eyes, up and down
  • Apply two coats of waterproof and black mascara for the twiggy eyed look
  • For the cheeks, use a blush from the cheekbones to the temple, and touch a little on the chin
  • For the lips, keep it hot pink, dark plums or deep reds, with a little shimmer powder used in the middle for Marilyn’s pout!
  • Touch the eyes with a coat of brown eyeliner to end and seal the look- for the upper water and the lower water line!

Voila! You are done! Thank You Tess Munster for showing us big girls the right way to doll up in total style!

Source: fashionlady.in