We often get inspired by celebrity looks or red carpet events to do our own makeup and after we’re done we still get the question in our mind:” How do they manage to look so pretty?, “Do they look like this all the time?” Well, no because they don’t have their glam squad in their pockets all the time but they do manage to learn some tricks.

The Pretty Little Liars’ actress Shay Mitchell is here to show us some tricks she learned while working with professional makeup artists. The 30-year-old loves to experiment in different areas of art and beauty and loves taking care of her skin. Let’s follow the post below and see how she does her own face on a daily basis. Enjoy!


Shay starts with a concealer to cover the spots in her face and then moves on to contouring, baking and highlighting to create some definition on her face. She says that she likes her makeup to stay on all day long because carrying a makeup kit everywhere is a pressure. So, she takes only her powder and hopes everything else will stay in place.


For the eyes she likes to go natural and uses some light brown eyeshadows. For the prows she goes over them with a pencil and with an eyebrow gel.


Her theory is that if she puts the lipstick all over her lips then it’s a commitment so she just dabs on the lips to create a softer look.

If you like to see the whole thing by yourself then click down below and enjoy!

Source: metdaan.com