Growing out your nails can be a real struggle, especially if you are having health problems or a painful habit like biting them often. And, yet, there are things that you can do to help yourself. Forgetting your habit of biting them will look hard in the beginning, but once you look at your nails after growing them out, the gain will be double. And girls with tiny nails know what I’m talking about. I mean, you can barely notice your own nails. Here are some handy tips from cutepolish that will help you get long and healthy nails.

Be ready to run to CVS afterwards.

1. Use hardener and base coat

To avoid fiascos like tears and chips, it’s important to keep your nails strong with products like hardeners and base coats. This is important even though you may not manicure your nails with polish, glitter, or art. By applying coats of clear product every week, you will ensure strength and durability, which will allow your nails to grow.

2. Moisturize your nails and cuticles

Keeping your nails and cuticles moisturized is as important as moisturizing your other parts of the body. So get yourself a moisturizing cuticle cream and keep your nails strong and easy to grow out.

3. Acetone is not always necessary

Acetone is very often found as an ingredient in nail polish removers. And, yes, it’s great for removing stubborn products, like glitter polish. However, for regular enamels, it’s not necessary. It dries out your skin and nails and also strips them of their natural oils, which can lead to breakage and peeling. If you need to remove polish from your nails, try to use an acetone-free remover to keep your nails healthy.

4. Wear gloves when doing housework

Doing household chores like washing dishes or cleaning the bathroom is not so great for your hands. Hot water and cleaning products can damage your skin and nails, which can prevent your from having the perfect mani you desire. The best way to prevent these is wearing gloves. Your nails will remain shiny as ever!

5. Stop biting your nails.

This is a very annoying habit and it usually lasts for a long time. But once you stop doing it, your nails will start thriving. This bad habit can actually lead to susceptibility to illness and permanent nail damage.

6. Use anti-nail biting polish or stick-on nail products to get rid of the biting habit

Another thing ti do is occupying your hands (and your mind) with a healthier task when you find yourself feeling stressed or bored.

Check out this video to see all of the great tips in action!