When it comes to makeup products, we tend to stick with a certain brand for every item we use. Think of it as a “comfort zone”. They’re the best products and they have proven themselves to be good, and we don’t tend to use stuff from other brands.

Even though this tends to be the philosophy most makeup wearers go by, sometimes, it’s a good idea to try products from other brands, because they can be just as good if not better than the aforementioned “comfort zone” products, and they might even take the spot of those products after they’ve been tested.

To encourage trying makeup from other brands every once in a while, Nicole Guerriero decided to try makeup that she has never used before and see what the results will be.

The 31-year-old YouTuber recently posted this video where she gives makeup products that, like I said, she has never used before in her videos. And from what we can fathom, this is actually the first video she has made in quite a while, which seems to displease all the people watching her videos as the comment section proves, but we’ll get to that later.

After a fairly long intro, the first (rather bizarre) thing she does is apply caviar to her face

It’s actually primer, but it is apparently made of caviar. She takes one of the little balls inside the jewel-shaped container and applies it to her face, and as she describes, it “absorbs really quickly”.

After that, it’s onto the face cream

She uses the Erborian CC Creme High Definition Radiance Facial Cream, which seems to do its job quite well.

She continues with the Laura Mercier foundation

This is where the look starts to take shape, but I won’t spoil anything else. For a more detailed look on how she applies this new makeup and what she makes of it, I suggest checking out the video below.

The commenters are also pleased that the LA-based YouTuber’s makeup videos are back, but as one comment puts it very clear “Nicole, you are very beautiful. But you know what’s more important than beauty? Reliability. Consistency. And Commitment. Smh”

Just remember, there’s around 5 minutes of intro that I recommend you skip, and the video is quite long and detailed, so you might have to do a fair bit of skipping if you want to get to the good stuff.

Source: metdaan.com