The internet is full of makeup transformations, but you won’t find many more dramatic than the following sixteen. This collection documents the changes in people who have never applied makeup, ones who have been scarred by bad tattoos, lousy eyebrow work, or have suffered from skin conditions all their lives.

The reasons behind the dramatic changes vary, from proms and weddings to the ancient human desire to slow down time, but in all cases, the skills of the artists have instilled the models with newly-found confidence and self-love.

1. Anar Agakishiev, a celebrity makeup artist and hairstylist from Azerbaijan

2. Goar Avetisyan, 24, is a makeup artist based in Moscow

3. Goar Avetisyan #2

4. Goar Avetisyan #3

5. Glamourax is a hair and makeup artist from Burbank, Massachusetts

6. Californian makeup artist, Wendy Tran, likes to use her own face as a canvas sometimes

7. Veronica Kalashova, a hair and makeup artist from Wyborg, Russia

8. Veronica Kalashova #2

9. Trang Do, Orange County, California

10. Trang Do #2

11. Alina, a 20-year-old makeup artist from Houston, Texas

12. Alina #2

13. Dohwa, an artist from South Korea

14. Dohwa #2

15. Lebanese makeup star Samed Khouzami who does workshops all around the globe

16. PaintDatFace, a makeup artist of dramatic transformations based in Los Angeles