What happens when you are just so frustrated with doing your hair the same way over and over? If you have a straight hair, but you are dying for curls, you’ve probably tried a thousand ways to make it curly. And probably, only a few worked out in the end. It’s summer and you are trying to find out what is the least damaging way to achieve the curly look. Tina, a Youtuber, decided to share with you her thoughts and her test of curl former dupes she bought from Ebay. If you’ve ever found yourself in a situation like this, you know the anticipation of trying out a new product. And as the video goes on, you might end up feeling a bit frustrated, but you will learn a lot of lessons. One of them is that curls are not everyone’s cup of tea.

Tina is the video creator on the YouTube channel titled MakupWearbles Hairstyles, which has over 1.3 million followers. The channel was started to help girls do pretty things to their hair. In this video, Tina is showing her test on making heatless curls with a product she found on Ebay.

As the video starts, she mentions how important it is that you do this when your hair is damp. Tina points out that these curl formers are a cheaper version, so she is a bit skeptical as she has never done this before. Although she struggles to understand how they work, she realizes that this is not the way to style her own hair. She does not recommend it because of the damage it does do her hair. However, the next day, her curls look fantastic! If you are into this heatless-curls look, you will fall in love with the final outcome!

Watch her struggle with this hairstyle here:

Source: metdaan.com