My name is Ines Kuš. I was born and live in Zagreb, the capital of Croatia. All my life I had a need to express creativity in different forms of art such as photography, fashion design, and drawing, but in face paint, I found the most joy and fulfillment. My inspiration mostly comes from my environment and the way I feel at the moment/my emotions.

What I find most interesting about face paint is that it’s original form (on face and body) it only lasts until you wash it off, so it is kinda “fragile” art form. Also it is very challenging to paint on bumpy canvas such as human face.

Since in college I took art classes, I can also say I’m a big fan of conceptual and surreal art form, so in the future, my work will probably be more focused in that direction.

My occupation at the moment is tied up/twisted illusion make up (as I like to call it) which is focused on nose, lips and neck area. Most artists avoid drawing on those parts because they are bumpy and it is kinda hard to “blend” them to create a successful illusion, but I take it as a challenge every time. Based on that I created my series of “Tied up” illusion makeups. I’m trying my looks to draw people’s attention with some illusion tricks but also like them to be provocative with a touch of bizzare. In that kind of illusion make up even the tiniest line placed wrong on the body can cause much damage to the final look, so somethimes it takes me up to 12 hours to finish and once you start to paint there is no way back, you have to finish. To create I mostly use aqua based body paints combinated with oli paints and acrylics. Besides illusion type of make up I’m also into sfx and other styles. The most important thing for me is to have fun and develop myself while creating and that is the main reason I’m into it.