Love to paint your nails in different shades, patterns and techniques? Sitting there on a Sunday night, with nail paint remover and various hues of nail polish, all ready to get painting. It’s easy painting the nails of your recessive hand, but when it comes to painting the other hand – it all goes downhill. You end up having to ask someone else to paint it for you! What’s worse is that it takes ages to actually paint the nails, and even then there is some unevenness and lack of uniformity.

So, to save time and for a more elegant display of your nails, why not try out the spray on nail polish? What is it, you ask? Well, it the spray solution that will eradicate all your nail painting woes. It is a nail polish put into a spray can – so all you need to do is spray it on your fingertips and it adheres.

This spray-on nail polish is truly the quick fix technique that puts on nail paint on your hands within seconds (and it dries rapidly too)!

So how to use this paint can spray on nail polish?

Spray-On Nail Polish Tutorial

Base Coat

Hold the base coat spray about 10 to 15 centimeters away from your fingertips. Spray it evenly all over your fingertips, near the nail region. Try to make sure that the base coat doesn’t come in contact with your cuticles, because the color will stick. You will observe an instant color change. Allow it to dry.

Top Coat

For the color to last for a longer duration, use a top coat spray can. For this, you first need to lay down some newspaper, so that no color affixes to your furniture. Apply it the same way on your fingertips (again, avoiding the cuticles). Don’t fret if color gets on your hands. Allow it to dry for two minutes.

Cleanse Off Hands

You probably have some polish on your fingers. With the help of warm water and soap, cleanse away the extra nail polish. The color will wash off with ease. Another alternative is to use a cleansing wipe, but that’s only if you’re travelling. But be careful to not leave it on for longer than 2 minutes, else it becomes more difficult to remove.

If the paint somehow does get into your cuticles, you need to wash it off with warm and soapy water immediately, before the color sticks. Also, don’t put on more than one top coat – it’s just not necessary as the color will affix instantly.

And there you have it – enjoy your perfect salon-like manicure. Hard to believe, we know, but it’s that easy! This paint can spray is ideal for you ladies if you’re always in a hurry or if you are having trouble painting your nails properly.

Are you wondering about the ingredients in this nail prep spray? The main components are dimethyl ether, ethyl acetate, mica and aluminum hydroxide.

Just bear in mind a few precautions of the product –

  • Inflammable product. Be careful not to apply near any kind of flame or heat source. But this is only until it isn’t completely dry.
  • Keep away from eyes.
  • Don’t rupture or damage it by accident; it is under high pressure.
  • Store in cool places.
  • Be cautious not to inhale by accident as it can be fatal.

So that’s how you put on the spray nail paint. The spray paint comes mainly in the form of 2 in 1 Base and Top Coat, and that too in a few different hues. What’s more is that it lasts (without fading) for about 3 to 4 days.

So far the only complaints women have had in using this spray is that there are only a few shades, but that is because this product is relatively new. So far the 3 colors that you can pick are – Mayfair Lane (nude), Hoxon Market (Bright Pink) and Shoreditch Lane (Metallic silver). And another complaint has been that the odor is rather strong. But the plus point of that is, that it neutralizes pretty briskly. But you have to agree, those aren’t really much of a complaint.

So there you go, the perks, demerits and tutorial on how to use these spray on nail polish cans. It’s simple, convenient and fast – making it perfect for weekly wear. Although the shades are limited as of yet, the company is working on launching new shades. So now you have a whole lot of styling to do!