With the weather heating up, it’s that time of year when it’s impossible to let your hair down. When temperatures get higher it’s such a relief when you scrape your hair off your face. You want to avoid all of that wetness on the back of your neck and your forehead. So, with spring coming up, we need to update our hairstyles.

Being a curly haired girl like YouTuber Luhhsettyxo it’ can be especially hard, so she came up with different hairstyles to wear in the hot weather. The 20-year-old girl is very famous on YouTube where she shares everything when it comes to hair tutorials. In this tutorial, she creates 7 styles for warm weather:


For the first hairstyle, she likes to create a bushy bun. So basically she brushes her hair and then creates a bun on top securing it with bobby pins.


For the second one, Lisette wets her hair and divides it in the front in three sections. She twists them and ties them with a hair elastic.


If you want to recreate the previous look, you can tie the left hair in a bun too.


After you part your hair in the middle, start making braids on the two sides. Tie them, and leave the rest down.

If you guys want to see 3 more spring looks, check out the video down below and get up-styling!

Source: metdaan.com