There are so many interesting and unique nail designs, but if they look difficult to do, most of us are afraid to try them on our own. The fear comes from making sure the lines or design will not look bad and made perfect. If you use a nail striper it becomes a lot easier.

Lines have never been easier to make and you can even do checker board or plaid designs! Using nail striper, you can make your nails look perfect and the life of the party. The options are limitless!

1. Negative Space Leopard Print

The lines won’t be smudged anymore and it’s really easy to create negative space with unique print!

2. Blue Squares

You can mix as many shades of the same color as you have at home!

3. Musical Note Love

If you are into notes and bars, this is a great way to express it!

4. Pink Sand Ripples

Pink is a hot color for every summer look, and this design is like sand or maybe waves!

5. Gold Ribbon

Black is always elegant and combined with gold lines gives a glamorous touch!

6. Psychedelic Color Figures

To make your colors pop use black coat as a base!

7. Dexter’s Lab

If you want to remind yourself of your favorite cartoon characters from childhood, now you can paint them on your nails!

8. Holiday Stripes

Perfect for the Christmas season, your nails will match with everything from candies to Christmas tree!

9. Golden Fireworks

Any light color on a black base can make a fireworks effect!

10. Spots & Stripes

Paint wider and thinner lines with dots in two colors for a blossom look.

11. Purple Shades

With the lightest color as base coat you can mix several shades of one color you can make an effect of waterfall with stripes!

12. Butterfly Effect

Butterfly effect has never been easier with the nail striper!

13. Wave after wave

With only few black lines you can make colorful waves!

14. French Manicure

French Manicure has never been more unique with a little ”out of the box” creativity!

15. Pattern Nails

Any pattern design is no longer on your wishlist with the nail striper!