London-based Indian beauty, Kaushal is one of my go-to YouTube beauty and makeup bloggers! This twenty-year-old is always, and I mean always on the look out for something new, fresh and exciting!
With her help, today we are doing the triangle cut crease makeup tutorial.

“I wanted to try something different. I’ve obviously seen the crown cut crease all over Instagram and YouTube, but I wanted to do something which was more wearable.”
For starters, prepare the eyes. You can either go with an eye primer, an eye shadow or just stick foundation. It is your choice.
Go into your crease with a more neutral, nude shade. Blend it in as well as you can! Then, warm the crease with a more peachy tone.

To cut out the triangle crease, we will use a concealer and a very thin brush for starters.

Deepen up just the edges of the triangle with a prune-colored shade. This will help define the triangle.

The next and most important step is the actual drawing of the triangles with a glittery, liquid eye-liner. Be very precise and take your time!
Once you are done with the drawing, make sure to dry your eyelids with some sort of a fan or anything that might help you.

At the very end, apply some mascara!

Finish the rest of the face by priming it first. For foundation, choose your go-to, light coverage foundation that you use every day.
Lighten up the dark circles under your eyes with a concealer. Put some below the cheeks as well as the T-zone. Set the concealer with some powder!

Get your brows done and continue to contouring. The point of contouring is to define and accentuate your bones and make a play between the light and shade of your face, introducing movement and texture.

Once you are done with the final touches, put your fake lashes on and you’re done!