These tropical, color-exploding nail art patterns take me back to the summer of my life!

Maybe it’s because I was born in November, but I am literally traumatized in winter and I cannot get anything done; I simply thrive in tropical weather.

People make moodboards as incentives to work or make themselves feel better. Endless reblogging of self-help quotes doesn’t do anything for me. I am the polar bear sleeping safe inside her cave. People call for a few drinks when Friday comes, but I’m like: ”New phone, who dis?”

That is to say, until I decided to paint my nails all summery and get myself up off my ass from SAD (seasonal effective disorder).

1. Aloha
Hi, you beauts! It’s time to start this summer! Who’s with me?

2. Purple Sunsets
Lay back and enjoy the horizon. Play some Lana Del Rey and feel the cool breeze on the surface of your skin.

3. Music To Watch Boys To
These nails make me dream about vacationing with my boyfriend having a bear next to me in his Hawaiian shirt!

4. Pina Colada
I am at my second Pina Colada by now.

5. Palm Trees
The sun is up, but I don’t mind, I am laying down under a palm tree that blocks the rays from going directly into my eyes.

6. Sea World
I might get up later to collect some sea shells that washed ashore.

7. Ocean Flora
“Wanna go scuba diving?”, I turn to my boyfriend….

8. Honolulu Babe
“Hon, we can do whatever you wanna do. Let’s watch the sunrise from here and see what happens…”

9. Jungle Daze
As I doze off, I hear the wind carrying the sounds of the parrots in the local forest…

10. Time to Hoola
These were the patterns of the Hoola girls’ dresses.

11. Grapefruit Corals
Nothing like a cold, juicy grapefruit while basking in the sun!

12. Pink Flamingos
I like how the next-to-last finger is a homage to one of the most gracious animals to have ever lived – the pink flamingo!

13. Hawaii For Life
I decided to paint my sister’s nails Hawaii themed too, since she was struggling to keep up her spirits as well!

14. Pineapples
Should we have a bite of pineapple before bedtime?

15. Neon Nights
I wish the ocean was a neon pool which basked in the sun the whole day through, just to be charged enough so it can shimmer throughout the dark, tropical nights!