You can say that trends in the fashion and beauty industry always keep getting recycled and reinvented in better ways. This fact has been proven time and again through various old trends rewriting the face of the fashion industry. Rave makeup is one such popular trend.

Up until a few days earlier, loud makeup was considered a thing of the past. But, the 90s rave makeup is all set to make its comeback to the fashion industry. Single shades, pastel tones and matte finishes can safely be put off your to-do makeup trials for some time because bright hues, glittery patterns and an artistic touch to paint your face using makeup is the talk of the town this season. It’s not only standing out from the crowd, it’s about making that lasting impression with your unique style.

Owing to what they are calling the ‘Rave Craze’, we thought we would give our readers a boost by compiling the best rave makeup looks that could make you look like an absolute diva. Here they are:

1. Rave Rhinestone Makeup

The addition of rhinestones to your makeup is an old trick that makeup artists have been using for quite some time now. These help enhance a normal look to dimensions you never thought were plausible. The neat three dimensional effect is something that is much sought after if done in the right way. You can add rhinestones to enhance all part of your makeup but they look best when added to dark hued makeup done on the eyes or lips.

2. Cute Rave Makeup

This is one of the easy rave makeup and hairdo ideas where you are border line between sexy and going head-on rave. The simple hairdo looks good on almost all face types and takes you a few minutes to work up. The makeup is also minimalistic as you stick to a color that almost works with any occasion. The eye shadow and the lip color work in hand with each other to give you the perfect chic feel. After all a ‘careless beauty’ look is much more mysteriously prepossessing compared to a well thought-out look.

3. Glitter Rave Makeup

Almost all girls love some glitter! Now imagine if you could add that to your regular makeup regime. Yes! Glitter rave makeup is exactly that. In this particular look the hair has been parted and ‘glittery-fied’ as we would like to put it. Also, the use of glitter on the eye shadow is absolutely spot-on and enhances the whole feel of the look. Any party or festival or concert you walk into with this look, you are guaranteed to have the time of your life. People will be talking about you days after they even forget about the event itself. Just one thing here, glitter is only good if used in the right amount, you don’t want to end up looking like a clown right?

4. Rave Party Makeup

Remember when all your favorite celebrities were sporting neon in all their public appearances, well, that trend is back with a twist. Neon is making the headlines in the fashion industry again but in a slightly different way. Neon hued clothing is yesterday, the future is neon rave makeup.

The intricate designs along with bright hue of the neon make the look a complete hit. Perfectly suited idea for any party, this makeup idea is surely going to turn heads towards you as you walk past. Instagram is filled with neon rave art, its time you tried it too!

Given the immense popularity of rave makeup ideas at present, you can always try one out if you’ve got the knack and nerve to carry it. So, now the question that comes into play is ‘How would you exactly start?’ Well, for starters the internet is laden with step by step rave makeup tutorials. So, go ahead and try any one of them. Also, contrary to products popular belief, rave makeup products are actually available in a number of top makeup chain stores, which should actually be the least of your worries since online shopping stores are always there to save the day when you can’t physically get your hands on. So, now just go Rave it all the way and do share your rave makeup look with us!!!