Most people love flowers for their pleasing aromas, shapes, and pretty colors. We like to use them to decorate our rooms, to be part of our garden, and to beautify the special occasions that take place in our lives. But even if fresh flowers are not your thing, having one or two charming vases nearby is not a bad idea.

In case you receive flowers as a gift, check out our ideas for making gorgeous DIY vases.

Follow the steps below to make your own custom vase that will be sure to add a lovely handmade touch to your home.

Ombre vase

• Glass juice jug (you can also use other bottles or cans you might have at home)
• Acrylic paint (color of your choice. This will be the darkest color of your vase)
• White acrylic paint
• Small container to mix paint
• Brush
• Clear glaze


•  Peel off the label from the bottle. If any residue remains, run the bottle under hot water and use a knife or scraper to remove the excess.
• Pour the color paint you have chosen into a container. Keep in mind this will be used to paint the entire bottle so poor enough to last.
• Starting from the bottom, paint a strip all around the bottle. Let dry for a few minutes and add a second coat on top. Repeat, if necessary, until the bottle underneath is completely covered.
• Add a touch of white paint to the container and mix thoroughly. For a more gradual transition between colors, add a very small amount of white paint each time.
• Working your way up the bottle, paint another strip around the bottle.
• Continue adding white paint to the mixture and painting until the bottle is completely covered.
• Once dry, add a quote of clear glaze or Mod Podge (gloss or matte finish, your choice) to seal in the paint.

Lastly, just add water, flowers and enjoy your new handmade vase!