Your nails are as unique as your hair or skin. They are made of keratin, the same protein that makes hair grow longer and stronger. It is therefore natural for every teenybopper to desire long nails. But in order to get that, you need to follow some beauty tips too on how to grow long nails.


After all, external beauty is influenced by internal beauty too. So here are some tips on how to grow long nails fast naturally. Here’s hoping you will enjoy reading the best way to grow nails and emulate them.

1. Manicure

Next time you visit a salon to get your facial or pedicure done, give a thought to growing long healthy fingernails too. For that a manicure is essential. You can either take up this nail care in a parlor or you can even do it at home. To go about it you need to have the following things at your disposal – manicure set, boiled water, salt, cuticle cream, Vitamin E capsules, and a nail hardener.

First of all, put 2 tsp salt in lukewarm water. Now keep your finger nails soaked in this water for around 15-20 minutes. This helps soften the nail cuticles. You need to do this nail care daily and preferably before going to sleep. By the way what is the purpose of salt? Well, it not only strengthens the nails but boosts its growth to a great extent.

Now remove the cuticles using the manicure set. You can also shape the nails (round or square form) at this point of time by using a nail filer. Follow it up by using a nail buffer in order to buff off any leftovers of the nail cuticle.

Apply the cuticle cream such as Burt’s Bees which will help nourish the nails completely. All you have to do is to massage the cream well into your nails. At the end, use oil of the Vitamin E capsule for nail massage till the oil is suitably absorbed by the nails.

For good nail cuticle health, you can sprinkle hyaluronic acid on and around your nail cuticles.

2. Stop Biting Your Nails

Whether you are nervous in an interview or feeling depressed over some issue doesn’t mean you start chewing your nails. This is a habit that de-shapes your nails and defeats the very idea of how to grow long nails. Plus it only makes your nails look unattractive in the longer run. This is also another reason why you won’t have strong nails.

What you need to do is apply a good moisturiser every time you wash your hands. This will stop your nails from drying up and chipping off.

Repeat this once a week to grow long healthy fingernails.

3. Use Garlic

This small bulbous cooking ingredient does more to your nails than just your appetite and health.

Garlic is considered effective when it comes to how to grow nails. You just need to apply garlic paste to your feminine nails twice a week. Alternatively you can cut a garlic clove into half and rub it gently on your nails. The garlic juices will get absorbed by the nail soon and help to grow long healthy fingernails.

4. A Nourishing Base Coat

There are umpteen formulas and treatments to protect and strengthen your nails. However, Sally Hansen Complete Care Extra Moisturizing 4-in-1 Treatment is the best one to apply before painting your nails. It helps smoothen, moisturise and fill in ridges (if any) found in nails.

Things To Avoid And Take For Long Nail Growth


1. Make it a point to trim your nails regularly. The purpose is to get rid of the weak parts of nails. Apply petroleum jelly on your nails before going to sleep.

2. Just like your face and skin, even your nails need proper moisturisation. Olive oil is the best bet to remove dryness and dull nails.

3. Biotin intake helps in the growth and strength of nails. And to get that a protein-rich diet in the form of eggs, meat and beans or vitamin D supplements helps majorly.

Take biotin between 30 to 40 micrograms on a daily basis either through food or supplements. Alternatively, you can take folic acid or foods containing Vitamin B9 (which is the best vitamin for nail growth) such as soy products, cheese, fish and red meat.


1. Washing of Utensils: It goes without saying that detergents can be harsh for your nails and can end up affecting fingernail growth. Wear gloves when washing dishes since they protect your fingernails from harmful chemicals found in detergents and washing powders.

2. Nail Polishes of Unknown and Ordinary Brands: Avoid ordinary brands of nail enamels. Instead go for decent and reputed brands. Also try and use nutrient filled polishes.

3. Refrain from scratching or biting your nails as they will only make it weaker.

4. Do not ever get into the habit of painting your nails with formaldehyde and other such chemical agents as they are unhealthy for your nails.

5. Stay away from using nail polish removers that are acetone-based as they can strip off the nails.

6. Give up wearing fake nails all the time. Seeing them peel off or break off is something that’s not going to look good on your nails.