When you’re born, your hair color is determined by genetics. If you’re blonde, then one of your parents most likely is too.

Even then, people with naturally blonde hair aren’t exactly common. Because of that, we find blonde people, or those with highlighted hair, more interesting than people with normal brown hair.

Of course, in most cases, people are just born with simple brown/black hair. And that’s fine, but some of those people are unsatisfied with their natural hair color.

So what do they do to combat that? Well, they dye their hair of course!

It’s a common sight to see someone with naturally brown hair dye their hair blonde. But have you seen the opposite happen?

Well, maybe not, but you’re about to now.

Back in the summer, stylist GuyTang dyed YouTuber Glam&Gore brown “for the summer”.

You wouldn’t expect the results to be as good as if the opposite thing happened, but the results are actually really impressive.

Check out the video below to see the results:

Source: www.metdaan.com