The holiday season is upon us again. It’s pretty amazing when you think how fast the holiday season actually gets here.

Honestly, I feel like December 28th 2015 was just 5 minutes ago.

Well, anyway, it wouldn’t be the Christmas season without the appropriate decorations around the house, would it?

The simple route that most people take is just buying ornaments, candles, and random items with Santa hats from the shops, but there’s an alternative for those of you who are DIY minded.

If you like to do things yourself, then this video guide is definitely for you.

This video shows you several Christmas decor items that you can make yourself, using household items.

These little DIY projects are cute, easy to do, and will immediately get your place in the Christmas spirit, without having to spend that much money.

Plan to give these projects a try? Did you find the video helpful? Let us know in the comments!