We’ll never let go of braids so easily. I mean they save your life sometimes when your bed decided to be your hairstylist. But why not improve our skills and make them look even more extravagant so you can actually do them for special occasions too?

This is what YouTube channel Trend Crown is trying to do and the best part is that we get every instruction for free! This tutorial includes three braided hairstyles which are pretty easy once you start doing them. Let’s get started.


You’re going to start with a ponytail in the back, and then take two sections from the sides and fold them in the back of the ponytail. Secure them with bobby pins. Then with the hair that’s left make a rope braid and turn it into a bun. Then fold over again the two sections that are left down. Here you go.


Moving on in the next hairstyle, you will again pull your hair into a ponytail and then twist the left overs making your way to the back. With the pieces of hair make rope braids and turn them into buns.


Now, the best for last, make two fishtail braids in the two sides by leaving some hair in the back. After you do the braids, make a bun with the hair you have left and wrap the fishtails around it. Yay!

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Source: metdaan.com