What’s a cake without a pretty decoration?

It’s always good when you bake or try a new recipe to try and be creative and share your way of art through it. Decoration is the part where you can truly express yourself and most importantly make the cake attractive to eat. Now, you can always choose different designs for different themes or occasions.

YouTube channel Got Cake? shares the most useful tips you need for a cake decoration. The one you are going to see is decorated with whipped cream frosting covered in yellow paint and fondant decorating this so it’s perfect for Father’s day or birthday. Doesn’t that sound so much fun already?


Everything is pretty easy and shared in only 3 minutes. You start by spraying the cake with yellow and then with a pipe, decorate it’s edges with whipped cream. Then take another pipe and on top of the cake create a shirt with a black filling pipe. The result looks so good and creative. Do you agree?

Someone commented below the video:

“I love it can u tell me who inspired u”

Yeah, it would be interesting to see the person who dresses like this.

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Source: metdaan.com