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The wedding and party season is here and it is the ideal time to try various hairstyles. You can straighten your hair, curl it up, keep it open or try some fancy braids and buns. But all efforts go to vein when hairs start coming out of the braids and buns or the curves get reduced to waves and even worse, the fly-away hairs mimic the sun rays on your head! If you are putting the effort in hair styling, take an extra step and seal the deal with a hair setting spray. The sprays keep the hair in place for hours and make sure that the style is not ruined before you click your perfect Instagram post. Many women avoid the sprays, fearing hair damage. In that case, you must go through this list. All the products are safe and definitely keep your hair in place. Pick any one and your hairstyle will stay intact even after the party is over!

1. Wella Pro Series Max Hold Hairspray:

Here is an amazing hairspray from this professional hair care brand. The lightweight product does not feel sticky on the hair and it adds a natural shine to it. It keeps your hair in place for 6-8 hours. Your hair won’t feel dry, damaged or frizzy after using this product. It does not leave any residue and looks natural on the hair. The best part is that it provides UV protection and hence, hair remains safe and in place even under the harsh sun.

2. Wella Professionals Stay Styled Finishing Spray:

Here is one more from the same brand and gives a medium hold for a natural look. It is super easy to use and gives any hairstyle that controlled yet flexible fix. It keeps the hair in place for a decent number of hours and it can be easily washed out.

3. Nova Gold Super Firm Hold Hair Spray:

This is a very affordable option if you are looking for a spray that you can use every day to tame your fly-away It works on every type of hair and keeps the style in place. It holds hair for 6-8 hours and adds some shine too. However it does contain alcohol, so if you use it regularly it may lead to dry hair.

4. L’Oreal Elnett Satin Strong Hold Hair Spray:

This one is a favourite among the professional hair stylists and they use it on models and actresses. It is super lightweight and does not make the hair greasy or crunchy. It holds the hair for long and adds a subtle shine. You can restyle your hair the same day as it doesn’t mould your hair into your previous hairstyle. The best part is that it has no scent and does not interfere with your perfume at all.

5. Schwarzkopf Got2b Happy Hour Hairspray:

Here is a budget-friendly option from Schwarzkopf. It gives a ‘Hold 5’ which is completely effective for in-house parties and decently effective for outdoor activities. The hair does not feel hard after application. It keeps the hair flexible, making it look more realistic. It’s also easy to comb the hair after using the spray. The spray does not leave any kind of residue on the hair or cause flakes on the hair. It has a fruity fragrance that can double up as a hair perfume.

6. Schwarzkopf Professional Taft Power Hair Lacquer Hair Styler:

Here is another option from the same brand for those who want their hair to be in place for 24 hours or more. It gives medium to strong hold and keeps the hair in place for one whole day. It is great for oily scalp and summer use as it adds volume to greasy hair too. It has a lightweight texture and won’t make your hair sticky even if you use a little extra product.

7. TIGI Rockaholic Flexible Hair Spray:

This is a great option for all those who want their hairstyle to stay in place without looking unnatural. This spray does not make the hair look or feel crunchy. It holds the puff on the top of your head perfectly and maintains the straightened hair for an entire day. It won’t make your hair heavy and you can carry your hairstyle effortlessly.

8. John Frieda Touchable Memory Flexible Hold Hairspray:

Like the name indicates, it is a flexible spray which means that it is mainly used to fix the light soft beachy curls you have made. It can also be used to keep your bangs in place. Heavier hairstyles for wedding/parties etc need a stronger hold spray but this goes well for the daily needs. As it is enriched with Keratin, it strengthens the hair and does not cause any damage. It gives the hairs very natural texture and holds the style for more than 24 hours.

9. Percy and Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hair Spray:

This spray can give a flexible hold or a stronghold, depending on how you use this one. If you spray it directly on your hair, it holds the style or curls for an entire day. But it also makes the hair a little hard. If you want a natural looking, flexible hold, spray this on your brush and use the brush on your hair. The hair will stay in place, looking very natural. It has a very refreshing fragrance. The product does not make the hair heavy and you won’t see any residue in the hair after spraying this.

10. Aussie Miracle Hair Spray Shine + Hold:

The spray, true to its name holds the hair well as well as adds shine to it. It holds the hairstyle for 7-8 hours and adds some shine to the hair. It does not make the hair heavy or dry. It can be brushed out easily and you won’t experience any hair fall. If you are planning to use a hairspray for the first time, this is the mildest yet effective spray for you.

Source: makeupandbeauty.com