Beautiful in Blue Opal

Will acrylic nails ever go out of style, really? They look so beautiful on everyone’s hand and are not so difficult to do. If you watch the right tutorials you will be able to learn the process quite quickly.

YouTuber, TrazyNailz is going to show us some amazing nail art for acrylic nails. It is a blue opal bling floral design. This design will definitely take everyone’s attention and give your mouth a workout.

All of the products she used like: acrylic products, Swarovski, nail charms, nail polish, glitter, nail tips and more can be found at

Follow these steps below:

1. You start by putting on the nail tips and shaping them with good scissors.

2. Perfect the nail shape with a nail fixer.

3. These are the products you need: acrylic powder and monomer.

4. With a brush, apply the product on the nails.

5. Take a blue opal nail polish and apply it too.

6. Last but not least for this procedure, apply glitter and make different designs however you wish.

For more details, watch the video down below for full steps and design ideas: