One of the bonuses of pregnancy is that you can enjoy fuller hair. This is because during pregnancy estrogen level decreases in your body and as a result, your hair fall decreases significantly. Thus, your hair looks much more fuller and healthier in the long run. This state begins from 3-4 months of pregnancy and continues till 8-9 months. And once the baby is born, you start noticing abnormal hair loss. You start losing your hair like anything. Hair loss post the pregnancy is attributed to a number of causes. Let’s have a look at some of the major treatments and vitamins which can help a woman in reducing her hair loss post the pregnancy.

1. Vitamin Supplements:

Taking vitamin supplements is one of the easy-peasy ways you can try in-house to treat hair loss post the pregnancy. Mostly, your body lacks iron and potassium after pregnancy. Try to consume leafy vegetables, legumes, and other green vegetables. Also, concentrate on natural food sources which are rich in vitamin B and vitamin A.

2. Changing Hair Care Habits:

Post the pregnancy, you need to take proper care of your hair. Avoid too much of shampooing. Go for natural air drying. Avoid using brushes when your hair is wet. Also, use shampoos which are natural on your hair. They should be free of chemicals and should be as herbal as possible.

3. Massage Technique:

Massages are something which will promote blood circulation in your scalp. You can choose your favorite oil and try to apply oil on to your scalp at least 2-3 days in a week. This will promote blood circulation and will ensure that your tresses are healthier and shiny.

4. Prenatal Vitamin Pills:

This is the one you used to take when you were pregnant to take care of your baby. But now you need to take it for your very own tresses. This is packed with multiple vitamins and minerals which help in healthy growth of your hair.

5. Biotin:

We all know that biotin is great for healthy hair. Biotin helps in the healthy development of your hair, nails and other parts of your body. Biotin is also present in natural food sources like carrot, spinach, and many others but the concentration is quite low. Thus, accompany biotin tablets with good diet and water to get maximum benefits.

6. Regular Trimming:

Try to go for a trimming every two months. This will ensure that your hair has a healthier growth and also your hair ends will look much more healthy.

7. MSM:

MSM is a fab source of organic and sulfur in it’s purest form and sulfur is very good for your body. It strengthens the hair roots and thus, fosters healthy hair growth. This makes the hair follicles steady and thus, makes sure that your hair loss is minimum.

8. Essential Fatty Acids:

There are a number of essential fatty acids which can help in the healthy development of your hair. This will further help in reducing hair loss. When you consume omega 3 fatty acids, there is a significant reduction in hair loss post the pregnancy.

9. Avoid Styling:

This is the time when you should avoid styling and using heat products on your hair. This will make your hair dry and will also reduce its shine. This will instead make the hair look dull and boring.

10. DIY:

Try to do some DIY hair packs. Pick your favorite ingredients and then let them do the magic on your hair. This will be the perfect nutrient boost to your hair during the post-pregnancy period.